This page is dedicated to students and parents of students (current and former) who have made comments about the school.
"I was so pleased to see history and science taught in elementary school as it was not taught in the public school my child came from."  Sister of a 4th grade student

"This school is like an oasis in the community." Parent of a 6th grade student
"You make Jesus seem so real to us." 7th grade student
"I can't believe how much my daughter is learning." Parent of a 5th grade student
"My son says he finds 9th grade easy because he learned everything they are teaching in your school." Parent of a ninth grade student
"Ninth grade is easy."
Ninth grade student
"My math teacher did not believe me when I said I already learned
it in the eighth grade. So he tested me and after he saw the results of the test he said, "I guess you do know this." Now I have tenth and eleventh grade students asking me how to do the problems!" Ninth grade student
"I wish I had known about this school years ago so that I could have sent my other children."
Parent of a student who just graduated.
"Thank you for pushing my daughter to do better. She took a test to get into ****** high school. One hundred kids took that test and only ten passed. She was one of the ones that passed. Thank you!"
Parent of an 8th  grade student.
"Our youth mid-week service has grown because of this school. Thank you."
Youth pastor from the sponsoring church

"I am a former student and the school is an amazing place to learn and grow. I went there for 9 years (Kindergarten - 8)" Ninth grade student's report on the Los Angeles Times Web site.


There are others of a more personal nature from students who have been helped in their personal lives: students who lost a parent while attending school, students whose lives have changed - some who were headed for gangs but changed their life styles, some who had turned against parents and society whose lives were redirected. The list is long and known only to God, the student, and the person who prayed with and counseled them.